A-Z 2016 Theme Reveal


This is my first time at the A-Z Blog Challenge so I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I hope I can at least try this challenge 🙂

Without further ado my theme is STORIES OF A WRITER



I hope to share short fiction whenever I can but these posts are mostly going to be about my fears and insecurities along my writing journey.

There are two things I hope for in this challenge:

One: To start blogging consistently. It’s the one thing I’ve procrastinated forever and not gone beyond a few random posts in fits and bursts.

Two: To finish this challenge which is the first of this kind for me and I feel totally up to it! (Psst…I’m getting ahead of myself here but I see no other way to force myself to do this)

I hope to make friends along the way, and promise to keep the posts short. Since I’m a newbie to blogging, all of this setting up and scheduling is taking up a lot of time but i do hope that it’ll be worthwhile in the long run.

Thanks to all the fellow bloggers who will be joining this year. I hope to stay with you guys until the end.

Thanks all!


2 thoughts on “A-Z 2016 Theme Reveal

  1. Hi Sue! This is my first year too and I’m also love writing. Blogging is a great way to practice and learn and working things out on the page is great therapy as well. I’ve been working on both flash nonfiction as well as fiction so look forward to your posts. Happy writing!

    #1146 My Two Blessings

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