AtoZChallenge: F is for Favourite Day (#1/3 of WW)

This is the 1st of a three-part series on Wednesdays with my writing partnerStay with me for more.

D and I meet on Wednesdays at 4pm. As she walks in through the door, I glance at her heavy shoulder bag, delighted.

In it, there’s usually a new book or two from her collection at home, her laptop, pen and book. I can’t wait to see what she’s got in there.

She makes straight for the round glass-topped cast-iron table in my balcony. She pulls out the cream-colored cast-iron and cane chair and settles in. “You know what I brought today?”

I rub my hands together. My eyes glow. “I can’t wait.” But first, our tea ritual must begin.

I bring in the tea tray. Amber, ginger-spiced steaming chai in dainty white cups, a plate of Marie biscuits, and two tall glasses of chilled water. We set up our tea and the biscuits on the round table. A gentle breeze is blowing as we sip our hot tea. Excitement ripples through me as I wait for us to begin.

It’s always exciting to start my favorite day of the week – Writing Wednesdays.

To be continued…


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