AtoZChallenge: G is for Goody bag (#2/3 of WW)

This is the 2nd of the three-part series on Wednesdays with my writing partnerStay with me for more.


We’ve been working on some short stories. We’re looking for inspiration. We read to each other most Wednesdays. Today it will be a short story that D’s read a long time ago, the details forgotten because she’s read it so long ago.

D opens her bag and pulls out a thick, old book. It’s begun to come apart at the seams. Her eyes glint as she hands me the book opened to the story that we’re going to read today. “It’s an unforgettable story with an unbelievably shocking twist at the end.”

I’m excited already. I begin to read the story aloud.

It’s about a husband and wife, an old couple. I’m pulled into the story immediately. It’s obvious from the very start that the wife has debilitating fears about being late for any event or journey. And that her husband enjoys agonizing her, pushing her to the brink of a nervous breakdown every time he delays her. What drives the story is her strong suspicion that he is using his horrid delaying tactics to rile her on purpose, to seek pleasure out of her suffering.

For me, the hook to this story is the couple dynamics on display. The author cleverly binds me up in the tale of a helpless woman and her notoriously mean and callous husband.

Stay tuned for the author and the title. To be continued.





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