AtoZChallenge: J is for Juggling

When you’re juggling family and kids and work, how do you stay true to your writing?

I’ve seen people do a lot more juggling than me and they seem able to do a million different things at the same time. Or they seem to be able to prioritize and get most if not all the things done.

Now, here’s my problem:

If I have too much to do, I get overwhelmed and stressed.

If I have nothing at all to do, or perhaps a day I can idle and dream about the story or put out a piece at leisure, then I practically waste the entire day and get nothing at all done.

Before I know it, the day has slipped by and I have accomplished nothing.

So how do you stay motivated when there is nothing to push you? How do you avoid procrastination and sheer laziness?

I wish I knew the answers to all these questions. and I wish I could rein myself in and get to work.

I also notice that to do any kind of meaningful writing I need at least two to three hours to settle in comfortably into that space with no distractions and no other assignments coming up. I also can’t write in 15 minute intervals or while waiting in the car, or at the grocery store.

With so many habits that are detrimental to my productivity, such as finding the right workspace, the right time and the right mental space, how will IΒ ever get any writing done?



6 thoughts on “AtoZChallenge: J is for Juggling

  1. Juggling is difficult, especially when you have a family. A young mother, friend of mine, takes her kids to school and then gets home and writes her daily quota before thinking of anything else. I think the key is to form some sort of schedule. My daughter is all grown up, so I get up and wrote my quota for the day before I speak to anyone. Writing in that morning daze helps me. Then I can think of all the other things I need to do with the hope I can fit more writing or marketing into my day. I admire those who are able to write at night at the end of a long ‘other job’ working day. I did do that for a few years and found it to be far too stressful. Life is too short to continually be stressed. Great post!!

  2. Oh yes, with multiple roles we play, we have a lot on our plate. But juggle we must! I list down the things to do for the day then prioritize them and then go all out and tick them off my list. Most of the time, I am able to manage well, while some days are just lazy days with not much productivity! Following a routine and switching off all distractions help too!

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