AtoZChallenge: K is for Killjoy

The speaker rambled on and on about everything from poetry to books to politics to philosophy.

Dusk had fallen. It looked so beautiful outside. I raised my hand as I rose to leave. “I’d like to take a walk around the premises. Can we continue tomorrow?”

I wanted to take a walk in the woods to catch a glimpse of the setting sun, hear my feet crunching on the dry leaves fallen on the winding path around the retreat, feel the shivers from the cool breeze, inhale the sweet scent of eucalyptus.

I stared at the twenty-odd participants held in rapt attention by the speaker’s words. Not one wanted to leave. The speaker scratched his head and smiled at my question. “Yes, yes, but isn’t this why you came here? To hear me speak?”

I guess I was being a killjoy. “Actually, no. I came for the retreat.” I smiled as I made for the door. Outside was where I’d rather be.


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