AtoZChallenge: L is for Lazy

I go on a trip down memory lane of lazy Sundays spent in my parents’ home. As I lounge on the easy chair or potter around the house I think of the lazy days of my childhood, of records playing and mamma’s cooking, which of course, makes me pick up the phone to order some lunch. So here goes. A poem dedicated to lazy Sundays. Ideal, as they should be:)

I listen to lazy
radio Indigo on Sunday mornings
A cup of coffee, a plate of egg on toast
lounged on the easy-chair like a baby

Pajamas worn over a shirt so gray
Will do for a potter around the house
TV’s blaring, my mind’s traveling
Off to my childhood hazy

Records playing, mamma’s cooking
I pick up the phone to place my order
Embracing my place in that lovely space
I stay here in my Sunday, still lazy

What are your lazy Sundays like?


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