AtoZChallenge: M is for Mayhem

Raj raced down the street clutching the parcel he had to deliver at the mentioned address. The clock was ticking. He was racing against time.

The car followed him at a safe distance. The road was practically empty. Raj’s path was clear except for a stone he didn’t notice. He stumbled on it and crashed on the ground, his knees hitting hard on the pavement. Everything around him was shushed for a moment and then total mayhem ensued.

The car carrying the director and the cameraman screeched to a halt.  The director yelled “Cut” and jumped out, rushing to Raj’s aide. The cameraman jumped out the other side. Together they hauled Raj up. In the meantime, the rest of the crew rushed to the spot. Soon a crowd had gathered.

Raj’s legs wobbled as he tried to stand up. Pain shot through his knees as he tried to take a step. He could manage a limp. Despite feeling winded, he urged them to stop fussing over him and go on with the shot. He put up a brave thumbs-up sign. “The show must go on.”

The crew could do nothing except continue with the shot. As best as they could.


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