AtoZChallenge: N is for Naughty

Sharing with you today, another of Anna’s stories. Enjoy!


Anna squeezed out a blob of glue from the tube. It made a perfect round bubble on the floor. Then she pulled out Teddy and set his butt on the glue. “Sit, Teddy. Allow me to serve you some tea.”

She laid out the play cups and saucers and her yellow plastic kettle. She served imaginary cookies in a matching yellow side-plate and set it before Teddy. Then, very lady-like, she poured out the tea. One cup for Teddy, and one for herself. She sat up primly on her pink, plastic chair, and looked at Teddy as she brought her cup to her lips. Teddy looked sad. “Why do you look so sad, Teddy? Is it because you have no friends?”

Teddy wouldn’t reply. So she rose from her pink chair and went to get all of Teddy’s friends.

When mom returned home, she saw teddy bears, dolls, stuffed monkeys, giraffes, lions, and hippos, and what not, of all shapes and sizes, glued to the floor all over the living room, with Teddy sitting pretty in the center, enjoying his little tea party with Anna and the rest of his friends.



7 thoughts on “AtoZChallenge: N is for Naughty

  1. Aah! Kids can be sooo cute. I hope after the tea party, all of them went back to their sleeping box without any damage 😀

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