AtoZChallenge: O is for Organic

I took three random words starting with O, and decided to write a short fictional piece using all of them. The words are: orange, oratory, organic.


I sat on the sofa waiting for us to continue.

He paced the floor, then walked to the fridge, took out an orange and peeled it. He offered me a slice.

I shook my head. “No, thank you. So, can we get on with the interview?”

He shrugged and popped a couple of slices into his mouth. “Go on.” He squirted some juice as he spoke.

I averted my gaze to the notes on my lap. “Well, how do you develop your oratory skills? Do you practise your speech beforehand?”

He gulped the half-chewed orange. “Yeah. I do. I do. Well…I read out my lines in front of the mirror. I rehearse everything I’m going to say. And so on. And…”

“And?” I was curious.

“And I only eat organic. It helps my voice quality.” He offered me another slice. “This is organic.”

I skewed my face. “I think that will be all, Mr. Olson. Thank you for your time.” I rose.

He gave me a puzzled look. “Really? That’s all? I mean, you won’t ask me why organic?”

It looked like he had plenty of time to waste. I looked him in the eye. “No, Sir. I have no more questions.” I stormed out of the room leaving a shocked Mr.Olson.




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