AToZChallenge: T is for Tutor

Anna’s brother merits a piece of fiction about him too 🙂 One that gave Ma a really hard time.


Anna’s brother needed a Math tutor. But no matter who her mother asked or where she looked, she couldn’t find anyone suitable.

One was inexperienced. One had an accent. Another charged too much. Another was just not good enough.

So when Ma finally managed to find someone, he was a tall, menacing fellow although he came with good recommendations. He needed a room to teach where he could teach in peace, and a cup of tea half-an-hour into the class.

Ma, obliged to have found someone in the first place, readily accepted. And then she waited to see if this tutor would finally fit the bill.


They say writers should avoid tired phrases and cliches. So I checked myself before using “Fit the bill” but then I went ahead anyway. Like Ma who was tired of finding a good tutor, so was I, trying to find a good phrase 😉


12 thoughts on “AToZChallenge: T is for Tutor

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and chatting. I look up phrases too, but I do love clinches. I collect them along with quotes. I find they are a good learning experience even if I do have to come up with new ways to say the same thing in the actual writing. My casual talk is often filled with them in real life conversations.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Juneta! Surprisingly, I don’t think I use cliches in real life. Though maybe I haven’t been paying attention 🙂 Was great interacting with you 🙂 Look forward to more

      • I just got an email from my old site that I pay to redirect people to my current site that said you signed up to follow me. I was wondering if you were on this site Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit when you signed up? If you were then it is probably all good, but if not this is my actual site where I post the other one is no longer active but is suppose to redirect.

        I am not as bad as I sound in the way I phrased it but I am a philosophical thinker by nature so I am drawn to cliches, quotes of wisdom and such. I am also Texan so have a descriptive way of speaking sometimes I am told. I look forward to more too.

        Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

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