AtoZChallenge: V is for Very

The word Very is banned from the writer’s vocabulary. The literary geniuses say you can almost find a better word to substitute almost any  ‘very word.’ So here’s a promise not to use VERY.

I’m very happy (pleased) to announce that all the very small (few) times I use the word, very, I shall abolish them and try to use very good (great) care to form sentences that use very interesting (engaging) ways to not use VERY.

Let’s hope you find some of these very useful (beneficial).

I’m very afraid (terrified) if the examples will be very good (excellent). But I’m very tired (exhausted) right now, and i feel very worried (anxious) if you’ll understand how very important(crucial) this exercise is for me 🙂

Go ahead, give it a try! Give me some very pretty (beautiful) examples of how the word VERY trips you 🙂 Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “AtoZChallenge: V is for Very

  1. These are some very good suggestions, I mean superb suggestions! I am very eager to try them out, yes, am keen to try them out 😀

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