AtoZChallenge: Y is for Yes/No

Often times we are plagued by a Yes/No situation. Especially in my life as a writer, I’ve come across this several times.

There’s a couple of deadlines for short story submissions in the same month. There’s a competition here, a prize there. They’re so hard to refuse. They just come piling along and every opportunity seems good. Brilliant, in fact.

And then you’re in a dilemma. Do you do this or do that or do both. And then you worry about how you’ll do justice to all the projects you’ve said YES to when you know that you should’ve said NO. To yourself first.

Many a times, it’s a NO to yourself that counts. To be able to tell yourself that focusing on that one big thing is more important than going after mediocre goals.

And again, you’re back to the dilemma if you’re doing too little. Are you pushing yourself enough?

Life comes full circle. This is when I decide that the best thing to do is JUST DECIDE and then stick to that decision no matter what next shiny thing comes along.

There’s nothing much you can do with such sweet temptations except to LET THEM GO. Have fun with the YES’s and NO’s.


11 thoughts on “AtoZChallenge: Y is for Yes/No

  1. You said it Sudha! I have said so many No’s this month, I can’t believe it! The whole of May will go past in remedying all the No’s and winning back the annoyed ones! A fun time this has been all the same 🙂
    @KalaRavi16 from

  2. While it is tempting to say Yes often, but it is important to know when to say No too. If we bite off more than we can chew, we will not be able to enjoy!

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