My Top Books of 2016

This year I finished 35 books. While I’ve done much better than last year’s 28, I hope I can steadily climb higher in 2017.

Since 2014 I’ve been trying to read a Classic every year. In 2016 I surprised myself with two of these: Middlemarch and Pride and Prejudice. I loved Middlemarch and chugged along quite happily through the tome, rooting for Dorothea the whole time. I would have loved to pick up another author after P&P, but some reference online lead me to pick up Persuasion, again by Jane Austen, as my next classic. I’m over 50% done with it so far and I’m enjoying the story.

Of the writing books this year, I read two books by James Scott Bell and what’s wonderful is that each book is based on a specific writing topic that can be finished in a single sitting. Both, The Mental Game of Writing and Dazzling Dialogue were quick reads and yet packed with immediately implementable ideas and suggestions. My first JSB book was Plot & Structure which I read at the end of 2015, and I adore his writing style. I have my eyes on his book Short Story next, which I plan to pick up soon.

Since I love the Romance Genre, I tried many new authors this year to check out the women’s fiction category. Pure romance is just fluff and I didn’t want to read any of those. Of the books I picked up, there were quite a few surprise finds. Julie James, Catherine Alliott and Gabrielle Zevin were the most notable among others.

Rounded off this year with my first Horror title, a children’s book called Cirque Du Freak, and my first pyscho thriller, The Girl on the train. Both were quite good, thankfully 🙂

Dear friends, would love to hear of your reading in 2016 and the books you loved (or hated?) 🙂